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From 25 to 30 May 2018, the world of children’s TV is going to meet at the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation in Munich, Germany, where PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL, the world’s biggest and oldest festival for children’s and youth TV, is going to take place. Since 1968 the PRIX JEUNESSE’S UNESCO Special Prize has been awarded to children’s or youth programmes that significantly contribute to intercultural understanding.

In 2018, the jury, alumni of the UNESCO voluntary service “kulturweit”, decided on the following three nominees (listed in alphabetical order):


Drummer TV, United Kingdom, 28 min.
Target audience: 6 – 12 years

Imagine living in a war zone. You are forced to flee to a foreign country, where you know no one, leaving your family and friends behind. How do you make friends in a new school if can’t speak their language? 12-year-old Adel knows exactly how this feels as he had to leave his home in Syria three years ago and move to the UK as a refugee. He’s now happily settled here, but this summer he’s on a mission with his best friend Elijah to help welcome some new refugees who are struggling to settle in his new home town of Bristol.


Armadillo Films, Netherlands, 25 min.
Target audience: 8 – 12 years

Shy Eryk inhabits a smudgy apartment with his father Dobry and three Polish colleagues. When the men are at work Eryk can play his favorite game Goldhunter. As his tough avatar Polska Warrior he battles – together with Laura- for the desired Golden Crown. But in real life Eryk isn’t brave at all. He willingly does what his father asks him to do: cleaning up, cooking and obliged swimming lessons. Eryk can’t swim but is afraid to tell his father. When Dobry finds out Eryk can’t get his swimming diploma,
he is furious and takes away his laptop. Eryk now has lost everything. Enraged he steals his father’s Golden Moped. During a wild moped chase between father and son, his father falls from a bridge and in the deep river. Eryk must face his fears to save his father from drowning. He discovers there’s something to gain in real life as well.


Vietnam Television (VTV7), Vietnam, 18 min.
Target audience: 8 – 15 years

”Way to school” is a story about a group of children living in the mountainous areas of North Vietnam. They have to walk a nearly 30km long and difficult road cutting through a dense forest to go to school. The documentary provides viewers with not only the images of dangerous and winding school roads, but also tell a story about the optimistic attitude of the minority student, who are living in the most remote areas of Vietnam, towards education and how they are thirsty for knowledge to get a better life. This film will not only trigger the memories of people who used to go to school but also could be aimed to parents and students alike, serving as a lesson for those kids who try to avoid school at all costs.