31 October/1 November 2015

PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL Art Contest 2016 in Full Swing! Submissions arriving at the PRIX JEUNESSE office in Munich


“What it means to be me!” – this year’s theme of the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL festival literally demands for creative expressions of identity. Children and youth all over the world were asked to send in drawings in which they express what shapes their identities.

The art contest is being held every two years, theme-wise always connected to the motto of the festival. The deadline for the current art contest ended on October 31, and now countless submissions are piling up in the PRIX JEUNESSE office in Munich.

Through an international network of schools and institutions the call for entries was forwarded to children and youth from all over the world. And the response was impressive: We received drawings of a widest range of countries, such as Latvia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mongolia or even the Caribbean island of Cuba. The submissions’ diversity was amazing: Besides drawings, paintings and etchings we also received multi-material collages, mixed with all different sorts of organic and synthetic matter. The age of the young artists ranges from 5 to 18 years. Furthermore, the children were asked to fill in a questionnaire in order to describe the content and intention of their artworks as well as their own perspective on the festival’s theme “What it means to be me”.

So far, nearly 300 submissions have arrived here in Munich.

The best paintings will be presented at the next PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL festival to international children’s media experts (20 – 25 May 2016 in Munich). An international jury will decide on the 12 winner pictures which will be produced as posters. The three best pictures will be awarded with a trophy.

We are enjoying this enchanting everyday routine of the postman delivering big envelopes from all over the world. Unpacking them and discovering their content has become one of our daily highlights within the last two weeks.

Photography by Gerhard Schönhofer