The First PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase in Taiwan

The First PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase in Taiwan

The Center for Public Policy and Law (CPPL) of National Taiwan University (NTU) has organized the “Taipei Suitcase”, aforum to provide the government and the mediato think innovatively to improve the quality of our children’s television programs.

The “Taipei Suitcase was Inspired by PRIX JEUNESSE, in order to provide Taiwan’s children more variety, more creativity, and more innovative television programs to enrich their vision.

This was first event in Taiwan, highlighted by several presentations from the award-winning Mr. Jan Willem Bult from Netherlands  and well-known children’s programs producer Lin Xiao-Bei plus many  workshops,watching PRIX JEUNESSE’s programs, and other forums to improve the quality of children’s programs.

The event was planned and hosted by Hui-Lin Lin and Professor Kristen Huang from ShihHsinUniversity.  We were greatly encouraged by more than one hundred industry representatives and experts participating in this event. Our hope is by looking through the international experiences, brainstorming, and transboundary cooperation we will have a positive influence in the future of our children.

Jan Willem Bult use “Sharing the experience of development of foreign children’s programs” as the theme.  He shared his experiences and observation. He admitted that from the global pattern of view, the children’s programs of most of the countries still remain in the prehistoric era. If we want children interested in something, the children’s programs producer must learn to watch the videos with children. he said that we have to believe and put faith on the child’s autonomy and power. Besides, to think on children’s position also very important. We as the producer have to focusing on children’s creativity and innovation, knowing their ability and talent.  there are a lot of interesting story to tell in the daily life.

This is a very touching and important moment for educators and media. 90% of Taiwan’s children’s programs are cartoons, and most of them are imported from abroad. The lack of the educational children’s program is worrying. We believe that participate of all sectors to build consensus can lead us to a better future. Taipei City Department of Education will train elementary and secondary school teachers’ media literacy, and purchase the broadcast rights of high quality children’s programs for to play in campus. To let more and more children get the chance to watch these high quality programs and to be benefited.

The future of high quality children’s programs is in our hands!

The First PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase in Taiwan
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