We finally opened it again here at RTV Slovenija, the famous PRIX JEUNESSE suitcase! Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we regularly hosted it, especially for our colleagues, television creators. Then everything stopped for a moment… But our work did not stop, regardless of our small size and financial malnutrition, we tirelessly created programmes for children and youth. And we wanted to see more, to look beyond our borders, to the wide world, to learn something new and inspiring and use it in our work. So we invited the suitcase! This time for more people, for everyone interested in creating for children and youth.

25 of us gathered from all over Slovenia: TV creators, professors from the academy, freelance directors, screenwriters, producers, animators. The vast majority of them experienced the workshop for the first time and were very excited, especially by the possibility of seeing all these programmes from all over the world.

We had a very successful workshop! And we had a great time! 

We watched the programmes by categories. In the morning we started with the youngest and ended the day with the oldest, teenagers. After each category, we had a discussion in which we talked openly, professionally and thoughtfully about what we saw, about our opinions, experiences, formal criteria, the importance of target groups, the diversity of genres, new approaches, global trends.

We had two guests from Belgrade, Serbia and two guests from Zagreb, Croatia. They were especially grateful to be able to join. The idea was born that the future PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase would also reach them in their countries. Also, the idea was born that the suitcase from the 2024 festival should be watched in Slovenia just shortly after the festival and this time twice: by professionals, as we did now, and by students of the television and film academy at a special event. Thus, future creators would encounter work for children and youth right at the beginning of their professional journey. This would give them knowledge, widen horizons and motivate them to work with this specific target audience. We, on the other hand, would welcome them to television with open arms and encourage them to use the opportunities we have in an innovative way.

I think that everyone left the workshop changed, that they will never watch children’s programmes the same again. In them they will see all the richness, diversity, opportunity, possibility, inspiration and motivation. We absolutely need creators like this to keep children’s television alive, attractive and of high quality.

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity – even though I watched the programmes for the second or third time, I still saw something new, and above all, I was excited to be able to share this experience with fellow creators.

Of course, we invited everyone to the festival in May. See you in Munich! And greetings from Slovenia! 

Martina Peštaj

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