Voting Criteria


considering the territory, culture and age range for which the programme is intended, 

  • is it appropriate and attractive?
  • is it culturally relevant?
  • is it successfully entertaining?
  • does it inform?
  • does it respect children/take them seriously?
  • does it empower children?


  • is it interesting?
  • is it original?
  • does it have a new approach? is it fresh?
  • does it make the viewer think?
  • does it motivate the viewer?
  • does it achieve it’s objective/purpose?


  • is the structure/balance good?
  • is the subject well researched and developed?
  • is the dialogue of high quality?
  • are the characters well developed? are their 
  • actions motivated?


  • is the idea well adapted to television? (visual style, camerawork, style, editing, music performance, etc.)
  • is the pace/rhythm of the programme successful?
  • is television the best medium for this idea?
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