Unpacking the PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase in Mexico

Unpacking the PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase in Mexico

A travelling suitcase, loaded with the best contents for children, arrived in Mexico in May 2017. Its contents were as valuable as a hidden treasure; a careful selection of programs, short films, fictions and non-fictions from around the world that empowered children and reflected them as active actors in their stories.

Short films from Australia, cooking programs from Colombia and fictions from Asia and Latin America, to name a few, flooded the audience with great ideas and reflections. With the help of Kirsten Schneid, an expert on children’s television and coordinator of the Prix Jeunnese’s Festival, we analyzed and discussed programs made for toddler’s, schoolers and young. The event was housed in the Goethe Institute, which generously opened the doors to the Festival and supported with the translation of all the programs. The result was a total success! The room was full of students and producers who wanted to understand more about childhood and quality content. Some attendees came from the most dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico, such as Tepito, or from distant states like Chiapas. At the end, Kirsten gave a workshop entitled “strong stories for strong children”. Where the audience was invited to look for personal stories that empowered the children. This journey through time ended with strong stories that hopefully we will soon see on the screens. The event was carried out thanks to the support of the Prix Jeunnese Foundation, the Goethe-Institute and the careful organization of Mariana Cano, an expert on children in Mexico. Applause for all of them! Thank you for inspiring us to have a better quality TV. 

Pancho Ortega, Mexico

Unpacking the PRIX JEUNESSE Suitcase in Mexico
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