Awards for Coproduction “The Day I Became Strong”

Awards for Coproduction “The Day I Became Strong”

TV programmes for children have the potential to promote children’s resilience and can help those who are facing a hard time to overcome a crisis. The format „The Day I Became Strong“, a coproduction of IZI/BR, PRIX JEUNESSE and the Goethe-Institute, aims at fostering the self-confidence of children by telling about strong moments in the life of a child, based on true stories. For it’s achievement the format was recently awarded at the MY HERO International Film Festival.

By now 16 countries joined forces to produce stories of strength for a target audience of 7-10 years. Each live-action short film is about 5 minutes long and all of them are following the same dramaturgical structure, with the aim to promote resilience and cultural understanding. The idea is to show diverse strong moments in children’s lives in several regions of the world. By showing how children from all over the world are facing with daily challenges and how they are solving them the young viewers are encouraged to grow in confidence. 

Two of the episodes were awarded with the second and third place at the MY HERO International Film Festival in the USA. The festival features “films and stories of unsung heroes around the world”. 

In the category “Narrative” the episode “Dodged” from Thailand (© Thai PBS; Written and directed by Issada Aisiri) reached the 2nd place, “When I confronted the teacher” from Lebanon (© BR/SAT 7; Directed by Dr. Maya Götz) the 3rd place:

Awards for Coproduction “The Day I Became Strong”
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