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An important part of the world’s largest TV festival for children’s and youth programmes, the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL, is the German children’s jury. Already since the year 2000 children award their two special prizes. This project is organised by Radio Feierwerk and Feierwerk Südpolstation, in cooperation with the PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation. Children aged 7 to 10 years (the target group of the TV programmes competing in the contest) watch all the programmes of the Fiction and Non-Fiction categories 7 – 10 and decide which ones will win the two children’s jury prizes.

All the movies submitted come with English subtitles. Assisted by many volunteers our team produces a German voice-over for each film. In all these years we did the recording for the German versions in our Feierwerk studios. But this year, due to the Corona pandemic, everything was different: We had to record at home. About 60 volunteers assisted. Not everyone had a semi-professional recording equipment. Which meant for us to send out recording devices and to do a lot of checks of sound quality. Some volunteers used their smartphone as recording system. Open wardrobes became the secret weapon against our enemy: Reverberation.

Improvising was nothing new to our project, but because of Corona we had to face a bunch of new challenges such as bad sound quality generated by smartphones, a jackhammer in the neighbours garden, the unique noise only a bag of chips can make, impatient brothers and sisters in the background and a lot more.

At the end of May we were able to say, “We actually made it!”, thanks to the unbowed assistance, optimism and improvising of the whole project team including the trainees Patrick Schmidt, Veronika Kellner, Victoria Kube, Yannick Wiemers, Vinzenz Schneider and all the volunteers who helped us out with their voices.

34 films received a German voice-over and were ready to be judged by the children’s jury. About 80 children participated, and watched and judged the movies in their homes. Three video conferences had to be held in which the children discussed and decided on this year’s winners.

The German language knows the word “Mammut-Projekt” (mammoth project) to describe a project of gigantic dimension. That is why we decided that this year’s award should come in the form of a mammoth.

Author: Patricia Bodensohn, Feierwerk

Impressions from the Children’s Jury Weekend

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