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In 2020, the world’s oldest and most renowned children’s television festival was only available as a digital edition due to worldwide pandemic. Now the time has finally come again: Children’s television experts from many countries will come together at PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL (June 10 – 15) at the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation in Munich to intensively discuss the question of what makes quality in children’s television. Since the current situation makes it difficult for many international media professionals to make the trip to Munich, the festival is also available in parallel in a small digital version.

For almost 60 years now, PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL has been considered the meeting place for children’s television creators from all over the world. The best children’s and youth programs of the last two years are submitted to the competition. During the festival week, the international experts watch and discuss all the programmes in the final round and meet after each category in moderated discussion groups to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the productions. A special feature of PRIX JEUNESSE: every festival participant can take part in the voting for the winners in the main TV categories. There is no jury meeting behind closed doors!

The competition categories are divided into the age groups up to 6 years, 7 – 10 and 11 – 15 years, each separated into fiction and non-fiction. The range of programmes includes all genres that exist in children’s television: From drama series to documentaries to knowledge formats. A total of 400 programmes from 58 countries were submitted to this year’s festival. In addition to the main prizes, a German children’s jury and an international youth jury each award their own two prizes. UNICEF and UNESCO award programmes that match their respective focus in an outstanding way, and a “Gender Equity Prize” goes to a programme that deals with gender roles in an innovative way.

Each PRIX JEUNESSE festival has a specific theme. The theme for 2022 is “Listen to Kids TV: The Power of Sound”. How important is the role of sound and music in children’s TV? A major information session on the evening of June 12 (starting at 6:30 p.m. CET) will explore this question. And other information sessions will enrich the festival program. One session will deal with the topic of war and death: How do you talk to children about these challenging topics? (June 14, 6:45 p.m. CET). The festival will also address the sensitive topic of racism: How can children’s media play a central positive role in countering stereotypes about “the others”? (June 15, 12:00 p.m. CET).

On the evening of June 15, the time has come: The winners of the 30th PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL will be awarded. Similar to the Oscars, the three nominated programmes will first be announced before it’s “And the winner is…!” The awards ceremony will take place in Munich’s beautiful new Volkstheater. You can follow the ceremony live via the PRIX JEUNESSE 2022 digital platform. Since not all winners will be present in Munich this year, some of them will be brought into the award ceremony via video conference and can thus at least digitally cheer about the most important award of international children’s television.

Accreditation is still possible until May 25, 2022:


Kirsten Schneid, Festival Coordinator, PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation

Tel: +49 – 89/5900 42058

Dr. Maya Götz, Head, PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation

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Listen to Kids TV: The world of children’s TV meets at the 30th PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL
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