Impressions from the PRIX JEUNESSE Pre-Selection

Impressions from the PRIX JEUNESSE 2020 Pre-Selection

On January 22nd, the PRIX JEUNESSE pre-selection 2020 ended after six days of almost non-stop screening of 397 entries. After many discussions and with all their expertise our jury decided on 88 finalists. A list of the finalists can be found on our website.

The pre-selection started out with one big group watching and debating the category 11-15 fiction before our 9 jurors split into three small groups.

Supplied with a wide selection of international sweets and snacks, the jury members rolled up their sleeves and went to work, prepared for long screening days.

To illustrate the judging process and to get a glimpse of each jury group, we asked jury members to describe their experience of the PRIX JEUNESSE 2020 pre-selection:

Group 11 – 15 Non-Fiction & Up to 6 Non-Fiction

“If PRIX JEUNESSE International is a graduate-level intensive course in children’s media, then the festival’s nominating jury is the “Red Bull”-required super-immersion. The hours – 9 am to 10 pm or later – are just the surface. When you watch over 130 of the 398 entries (different juries handle various categories), you must be constantly at full attention. Is this something new? Is it a twist on something classic? Does it reflect the world of today’s young people, while also respecting what is timeless in childhood? Would kids like it, or is it more appealing to us, as adults? Does it open a window on its part of the world?

These ideas not only flow through your head as you watch, but then get rigorously debated with colleagues from around the world and across our industries. In the end, the hardest part: with almost 400 entries and the ability only to send 80 or so to the June festival, we must loosen our grip and say goodbye to many, many fascinating and outstanding efforts.

I’m always a little glad I’m not a producer or broadcaster when I judge for PRIX JEUNESSE. It must be agonizing to await the results on something into which you’ve poured your creative soul. If you’re in that position, know that we gave all programs sincere and thoughtful respect.” – David Kleeman

Group 7-10 Non-Fiction

“Non-fiction 7-10 gave us moving portraits, supportive families, resilient souls. We had a lot of fun also with a sucking blood creature, two enthusiastic girls in a craft party and inspiring role models in science and the natural world; we travelled in history, since we need to know the past in order to make decisions in the future. A few innovative and daring formats that hopefully will give new ideas to producers all over the world. In one word this category has been really inspiring.” – Mónica Maruri

Group 7 – 10 Fiction & Up to 6 Fiction

“With about 180 entries in the Up to 6 and 7-10 fiction categories this year, we have become familiar with things most people never experience. What about kids robbing a bank, an apple and an onion entering a baking contest, a dog in space, a snail on a whale, a house of poo, counting cubes, flying dinosaurs, and off course more talking animals than you probably can count. More importantly, the last few days have given us plenty of truly great stories, both live action and animation. There are strong entries from countries we are used to producing amazing series, but there are also some amazing works from countries rather new to PRIX JEUNESSE. I can guarantee a great festival in June!“ – Nils Stokke

On the last day, all jury members came together again for a final discussion. After long hours of watching children’s TV programmes and around 100 litres of coffee, everyone was happy about the final selection of 88 finalists, which represent highest quality in children’s television worldwide and will be presented at the PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL 2020 festival from 5 – 10 June in Munich.

Impressions from the PRIX JEUNESSE Pre-Selection
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