PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL 2020: Quality Children’s TV in Focus

From 05 to 10 June 2020, the world of children’s TV meets at the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation in Munich for the world’s biggest and oldest children’s and youth TV festival PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL. 500 children’s TV professionals from over 60 countries are jointly watching programmes, discuss their strengths and weaknesses and, finally, award the best with the “PRIX JEUNESSE” trophies. PRIX JEUNESSE is considered the most prestigious award in the industry.

For this year’s festival edition, almost 400 children’s TV programmes from 59 countries were submitted into the competition. An international top-class jury selected 98 productions for the final round. The programmes compete in six categories, divided into fictional and non-fictional content, and age groups up to 6, 7 -10 and 11 -15 years old. What distinguishes PRIX JEUNESSE is the fact that there is no jury discussing the programmes behind closed doors. Every accredited participant is invited to vote on the programmes. This special feature makes participation at PRIX JEUNESSE so much more than “just attending a festival.” The festival constitutes a big workshop offering every participant an intense learning experience.

Not only adult professionals decide on prizes at PRIX JEUNESSE. Children and youth in different parts of the world are also judging the international programme entries. A German children’s jury watches, discusses and judges the programmes in the age group 7 – 10 years. An international youth jury that takes place in six different countries (Egypt, Spain, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa and the USA) awards prizes to the best fictional and non-fictional programmes for the 11 – 15 year olds.

Further special prizes include the UNICEF and UNESCO prize, and the “Gender Equity Prize” that goes to a programme which deals with gender aspects in an innovative way.

Every PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL has a motto. This year’s motto is “Listen to kids TV: The Power of Sound”. In various info sessions, the festival participants will hear about the most recent research findings on that matter.

Founded in 1964 by the Bavarian Broadcasting Company, the festival has lost nothing of its inspiration. Quite on the contrary: In 2020, the participants are going to experience a fully packed week that will provide them with enriching insights into quality children’s TV. The possibility to connect with colleagues from all corners of the world, to learn from each other and to exchange ideas makes PRIX JEUNESSE an exceptional platform for everyone whose heart is beating for quality children’s TV content.


Kirsten Schneid, Festival Coordinator, PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation

Tel: +49 – 89 – 5900 42058

Dr. Maya Götz, Head, PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation

Tel.: +49 – 89 – 5900 42264,

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PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL 2020: Quality Children’s TV in Focus
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