Promoting Resilience of Children

Storytelling Clubs

A Tool to Promote Resilience and Self-Confidence of Children in Difficult Life Situations

The Storytelling Club (STC) is a low threshold project to promote the resilience, creativity and mental health of children in difficult life situations. In weekly storytelling clubs, children learn to write, tell and draw their own strong stories. Through exercises, games and films they discover their self-worth and train their communication capabilities. The result of the Storytelling Club is a book full of the children’s stories and pictures, which can help other children in similar situations. Some of the stories that are the outcome of Storytelling Clubs are turned into short films that are part of an international coproduction series with the title “The Day I Became Strong”.

In the past and previous years, Storytelling Clubs were conducted in various countries. They took place in refugee camps, in refugee shelters or other settings where children have to cope with difficult circumstances. The Corona pandemic caused the PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation together with the IZI to develop a concept for a virtual Storytelling Club that focuses on strength in times of the pandemic.

The articles listed below are reports on Storytelling Clubs conducted in different countries and different forms. They all have in common that they significantly supported children to connect with their own inner strength, helping them to become resilient and self-confident.  

If you are interested in organizing a STC with children in your region, please get in touch with our team at For broadcasters there is also the opportunity to participate in the co-production series. The website has full information on the project and holds the guide book for facilitators. 

The Storytelling Club is a cooperative venture by the PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation, UNICEF and the International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI) at the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation/Germany.

Click below for reports on individual Storytelling Clubs:

Promoting Resilience of Children
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